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Prayer and Worship



Collective worship takes place daily at our school. Acts of worship are explicitly Christian as is required of Church of England schools, however, other faiths and cultures are also celebrated. Acts of worship follow the school values cycle as shown below with one value focussed on each week. Daily acts of worship are as follows:

Monday: Whole school Christian assembly based on our values and on a Bible theme.

Tuesday:Class based assemblies led by children on themes of the class's choosing

Wednesday: KS1/KS2 Christian assemblies led by members of the clergy team from St. Andrew’s church

Thursday: KS1 / KS2 singing assemblies led by class teachers where we learn the enjoyment and meanings of Christian songs.

Friday: KS1 / KS2 Celebration assemblies where individual children and class achievement is celebrated.

All acts of worship will include either the school prayer, Lord’s prayer or another prayer on the theme of the assembly.

In addition, children sing a prayer at lunchtime to thank God for their food and for his many blessings on them.

We also have class Reflection Areas where children can read from the Bible and have quiet time. The school Prayer Space is open to children at lunchtimes to write their own prayers or take part in prayer activities. A selection of these prayers are read at Faith Ambassadors Club.

Class Reflection Areas

School Prayer Space                                                                   Lunchtime Prayer







Prayer In Assembly


St. Andrew's church donated money for us to purchase new bibles and prayer books for our class reflection areas. We also had new table cloths made and are now ready to create brand new reflection areas in every classroom.

In September 2021 we began a new initiative where pupils plan and lead worship on a theme of their choosing for their own class. These have proved extremely popular; KS2 children plan and lead class worship independently while KS1 are supported by the class teacher.