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St Andrew's C of E Primary School

St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Parent Questionnaire 2013

In July 2013 a parental questionnaire was sent to all St Andrew's families in order to assess current parental satisfaction with key areas of school provision. The school is very grateful to all those who participated in this exercise. A full feedback document was sent home via Parentmail, and is available as a download from the tab at the foot of this page. Hard copies are also available from the School Office.

The Headteacher's introduction to the results document:

'I am delighted to be able to bring you the findings of our Parental Satisfaction Survey 2013. Respondents were extremely positive in their assessment of many aspects of the school, and there was a wide range of comments highlighting things the parent body feel we do particularly well. Just as importantly the survey elicited a range of constructive comments on areaswhere we could improve, all of which have already assisted the school’s leadership, helping inform plans for the further development of the school.

'It is extremely heartening to note the three statements which elicited 100% positive responses: ‘My child enjoys being at   St Andrew’s’, ‘St Andrew’s is overall a happy school’ and ‘The school promotes worthwhile attitudes and values’. Happy children in a happy school with worthwhile values at its core: a great testament to the fundamental strength of the              St Andrew’s community and the education it offers.

'One parent commented that ‘I love the way that the school is constantly wanting to improve all areas of itself’. That is absolutely right, as I hope we demonstrate in this document. However good we are, we can always be better, and even the best schools should always see themselves as works in progress. Certainly we know that at St Andrew’s there is much important work to be done, and this document itself represents part of our efforts to continually improve what we do,for the benefit of all our children.

'We are very grateful to all those who participated in the survey this time. Having established the format we now want to ask parents the same questions year on year to help us gauge our progress across a range of key areas of school life.In the meantime, as with our recent Q & A sessions, we will continue to seek feedback from parents on specific issues, developments and concerns.'

Andrew Tulloch