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St Andrew's C of E Primary School

St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Esher C of E High School

This Year's Allocation

The situation is broadly the same as last year, with all St Andrew's pupils who expressed a first choice preference for Esher High being allocated another school. (Last year one St Andrew's pupil was initially allocated a place at Esher).

The break down of the initial overall Esher allocation this year is as follows:


1. Looked after children. Allocation - 0.

2. Exceptional arrangements. Allocation - 1.

3. Siblings. Allocation - 75.

4. Children living within the catchment area of Esher High School. Allocation - 127.

5. Any other applicant. Allocation - 0.

The total number of Year 7 places (PAN) available at Esher remains as last year 210.

The furthest distance from school to home for which an initial place was allocated this year is 3.77 km. The map below shows a distance of 3.77km from Esher High (blue circle) superimposed over the school's catchment area (red line). 


Last Year's Experience

Although this may look alarming it is broadly similar to the situation in regard to catchment area last year. On that occasion, although only one St Andrew's pupil was initially allocated to Esher High, 19 children eventually secured places at the school, and these were mostly from the waiting list rather than through the appeal process. In fact all children in the catchment area who wanted a place at Esher secured one, although in some cases they had to wait until the start of September to find out if they were successful. The message from Esher High is that they expect the situation to be similar this year.

The Waiting List

If Esher was a higher preference than the school you have been allocated, you will automatically remain on the Esher waiting list until December 2012. You can request to remain on the waiting list after this date by contacting Surrey County Council. You may well make rapid progress up the waiting list as other pupils already allocated places at Esher accept places elsewhere or their circumstances change.

From 27th March onwards you may contact the Surrey Schools and Childcare Service on 0300 200 1004 to find out where you are currently ranked on the waiting list, or if that is proving difficult contact Mrs Dunkley, the Admissions Officer at Esher - details below - who will contact Surrey on your behalf. Mrs Dunkley is very supportive and keen to help, but please bear in mind that the allocation of places itself is made by Surrey and not the individual schools. 

Esher Admissions contact details are as follows:

Admissions Officer Mrs J Dunkley

FTel: 01372 468068 Fax: 01372 471058

email: website: