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St Andrew's C of E Primary School

St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Character Curriculum

The St Andrew’s character curriculum is one that aims to enable all of our pupils flourish, achieve their potential and live meaningfully and harmoniously in our community with others. The pathway to this is the acquisition and development of virtues and it is the virtues we have acquired which go to make up our character.

There are four domains of virtue that at St Andrew’s we will be teaching and celebrating throughout the school week.

1. Moral Virtue: the ability to make choices that uphold the good for ourselves and our communities;

2. Civic Virtue: the virtues that enable us to live successfully and harmoniously in groups, communities and societies;

3. Intellectual Virtue: the virtues that enable us to solve intellectual problems and become more technically skilful;

4. Performance Virtue: virtues such as resilience that enable us to get things done.

Pupil Ambassadors

The development of pupils leadership and ambassadorial skills are of key importance to us. Pupils will have the opportunity to apply for certain leadership and ambassadorial positions.