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St Andrew's Testimonials



At a recent Parent Forum we asked some of our parents for some feedback on our school.  These are a few of their soundbites;

“The staff are caring and nurturing whilst encouraging the children to reach their full potential - what more could you ask for?”  Parent of children in Reception, Year 2 and Year 5 

“We love St. Andrew's, our daughter is so happy to go in every morning. The school has encouraged her curiosity and fosters a love of learning.”   Year 3 parent

“I couldn’t of asked for a better start to my son’s school life at St Andrew's.   Collectively the staff have given our son such a wonderful supportive start to his education and he is doing extremely well in all areas.  He is extremely happy, made some wonderful friends and grown massively in confidence.” Year 3 parent

“My Children both love going to school. Their teachers I have to say are impressive, my eldest had struggled in the beginning due to a speech delay, but the support and praise they have given him has boosted his confidence and his willingness to learn. He is doing better than I ever anticipated. He wants to do homework as soon as he gets in from school, I'm so pleased about his enthusiasm to learn, it's a joy to see. My youngest just started Reception and is up and dressed before me some mornings... Says it all. Thanks St Andrew's. “ Reception and Yr3 parent

“My twin daughters thoroughly enjoy attending St Andrew's and have flourished academically and socially! I find the staff at St Andrew's School are consistent and committed not only to the educational needs of the children but also their happiness and wellbeing.”  Year 5 parent

“My child enjoys attending St Andrew's. She has both grown in confidence and find each day interesting, challenging and rewarding. Support from staff and parents is outstanding which has helped to  allow my child to have successful trips outside relating to their school topics.”  Year 1 parent

“St Andrew's has put in measures to improve the quality of teaching and my child is enjoying the learning experience. Keep it up!!” Reception parent

“My son is so happy in year 3 at St Andrew’s, just as he has throughout his time at the school. He is fully engaged and passionate about the subjects he is learning and goes to school with a smile on his face every day. As a boisterous boy, when choosing a school it was really important to me that he had access to lots of space and great facilities on-site, and in this area St Andrew’s really excels. He particularly enjoys benefiting from a wide range of after school clubs which broaden his experience and boost his confidence both in and out of the classroom. The school ...... is going from strength to strength - the leadership team have set out an exciting vision for the school I have utmost confidence that they will deliver upon it.”   Year 3 parent