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St Andrew's C of E Primary School

St Andrew's C of E Primary School


At St Andrew’s Primary School we believe that ‘Maths Matters’. We offer a strong Mathematics curriculum using the white rose maths scheme of work. This provides students with the foundations for life- long learning in Maths. Every effort is taken to ensure that the curriculum is appropriate for everyone and where necessary, provision is adapted further to meet the needs of individual students.


Arithmetic and number fluency forms the rock at the heart of each student’s Maths curriculum, complemented by Statistics, Measure, Geometry and in Phase 3, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion. This rich and varied curriculum does not seek to rush pupils through new concepts but instead to invest in a deep and broad learning so that all pupils are given the best opportunity to master new mathematical concepts.


We believe that through exploration, play, games, outdoor maths and access to a wide variety of maths equipment - that the children can manipulate and move - pupils can be supported to become fluent and well reasoned mathematicians. We provide access to fluency, reasoning and problem solving opportunities for all our learners which have been set in the context of real life maths. They are constantly challenged to make links between these three strands of the maths curriculum.


While content and style of teaching will vary through phases, we are committed to the curriculum being relevant and engaging; preparing the pupils for their statutory tests at the end of each Key Stage as well as for the newly introduced Year 4 Multiplication Tables Test.  Through a daily Maths lesson (1 hour in Years 1 – 6) as well Maths Meetings at another time in the day, pupils are encouraged to develop an enjoyment for maths and to gain confidence to tackle increasingly more abstract work. Each year they will develop their numerical and mathematical capabilities and build on their ability to reason mathematically though discovery and problem solving. Ultimately we seek to make Maths enjoyable and accessible; equipping them with the mathematical skills necessary for their future lives in the workplace, home or at leisure.