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St Andrew's C of E Primary School

St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Governor Groups

In addition to being a member of the Local Governing Body, each governor is actively involved in one or more of the Standing Groups looking in detail at different aspects of the school: Teaching & Learning, Finance and Physical Resources and Communications.

The Finance and Physical Resources Group

The Finance and Physical Resources Group has the brief to 'maintain an active budget, responding to changes in funding received and expenditure required, so funds are available to meet the school's identified spending plans. The group will model and forecast expenditure and income as far as is reasonably possible to assist the development of a fundable school plan'.

'Create and drive an agenda that optimises, maintains and develops the school's premises, facilities and equipment in line with the projected requirements of the school'.

Chair                     Tim Hoare

Members              Tim Hoare, Helen Coulson, Linda Shaw, Sharron Eklo, Paul Baraclough,

                               Louise Allum, Jo Mitchell, Bethan Thomas


The Teaching and Learning Group

The Teaching, Learning Group has the brief to 'monitor and challenge the school so that teaching and learning flourish, pupils make the best possible academic progress, the best possible academic standards are achieved and maintained, and staff are supported and developed'. 

Chair                        Phil Hopkins
Members                Phil Hopkins, Helen Coulson, Mike Branscombe, Louise Allum, Alex Gaze,

                                  Jo Mitchell​​​​​​​, Bethan Thomas

The Communications Group

The Physical Communications Group will be responsible for website review, communications to parents, school to home contact, etc

Chair                     Alex Gaze

Members             Alex Gaze, Sharron Eklo, Staff Governor (if available), liaise with Head