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St Andrew's C of E Primary School

St Andrew's C of E Primary School


At St Andrews we believe that learning a new language should start at an early age. Our overall aim is to develop a love of language learning which will continue into secondary school and beyond.

Children in KS1 are introduced to French during Activity Hour through a variety of songs and games.  This prepares them for more formal French teaching when they reach Year 3 and gives them a good basic grasp of numbers, colours and introductions.

In Year 3 our children continue to develop their curiosity about learning French and develop a deeper understanding of the French culture.  They are encouraged to listen carefully to native French speakers through a scheme of work that is based on French speaking children.  They learn to talk about themselves, their families, their pets, birthdays and so on.

Throughout KS2, children develop a growing understanding of how to reproduce the new sounds they hear and a confidence to speak in French without worrying about making mistakes.  They are gradually introduced to the written word and begin to learn how to read and write simple sentences in French.